We determined the sales price considering the change of the price and confirmed through simulation. In the case of coins that are used mainly, the exchange does not change the market because it conducts reverse trading in real time.
User do not sign up for Paycrypto or install an app for payment, but I need to sign up for additional discounts in the future. PayCrypto does not store user's personal information but only receives the purchase ID number from the shopping mall and informs the shopping mall whether or not the transaction of the corresponding purchase ID number is paid.
PG, mobile, and POS types are supported. When you sign up for a merchant, you are currently offering all three payment types
Real-time temporary confirm using Zero-confirm technology, approval after final block approval.
In order to collaborate with existing businesses such as exchanges and wallets, we will do our best to increase the value of existing coins without issuing a self-paid coin.