PayCrypto Result API

Result API is response data that paycrypto sends to shopping mall after payment is completed

The response address can be viewed on the shopping mall manager screen.

protocol : http

Return URL

NO Data Description etc
1 enctype 0 : not encipher
1 : enciphger
2: version 2.8 or higher
2 result 0: payment error or checking payment result
1: temporary confirm(1stage)
2: final confirm(2stage)
3 transeq Transaction unique number
Transaction uniquire number by merchant
4 tmon Transaction amount
5 currency Payment currency unit Example : KRW, USD, etc
6 merchantcode Merchant ID Merchant ID by paycrypto
7 merchantkey Service access key For using API key by paycrypto
8 transdatetime Transaction time option
9 usercode User Email Identity Code shoppingmall users
10 ordernum order number option
11 etcinfo additional information option
12 HMAC Message Authentication code