AI, Energy Management, Battery Management System

인공지능기술을 이용하여 에너지관리, 영상분석 전문기업

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Institute to realize the vision of advanced technology

Hi-technology Visualization Techcode 은 Hi-techonoly Vision Visualization Laboratory We want to create a research institute that realizes the vision of advanced technology.

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영상분석을 이용하여 불법설치물 감지, 교통안전관리, 생산라인 품질관리

BMS(Battery Management System)

리듐이온, 니켈 카드뮴 배터리 등 다양한 배터리 상태를 모니터링하고, 효율적인 전기저장 및 방전을 관리


Financial and Technology, It refers to the transformation of financial services and industry through the convergence of finance and IT.


Smartcard, Mobile USIM, Transportation.

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